You want to reduce your unit costs and implement the zero-error strategy in your company!
Our M.A.i robot control and pack cell is universal.
The automation module consists of the following characteristics and advantages:
– Adopt flexible production line design, compatible with multiple products
– Can be moved to different injection molding
machines for supporting production
– Save labor cost and improve labor efficiency
– Efficient visual inspection of product quality defects to achieve product quality. Full inspection and automatic classification of qualified /
unqualified products
– Qualified products are automatically pack into trays / cartons
– Product data storage and traceability, MES
communication interface
– Fully automatic / semi-automatic operation mode can be switched
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我们的 M.A.i 机器人自动检测和包装单元是通用
– 采用柔性产线设计,兼容多种产品共线
– 可移动到不同的注塑机进行配套生产
– 节省人工成本,提高人工效率
– 高效的视觉检测产品质量缺陷,实现产品质量
– 合格产品自动包装到成品盒/箱
– 产品数据储存和追溯, 和MES 通讯接口
– 全自动/半自动运行模式可切换
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尺寸L*W*H: 2.2m*1.2m*2m
– 视觉检测约0.5 – 1秒
– 根据质量要求,可同时检测产品多个尺寸或

– 可移动式的主站,含LED 照明
– 最大的包装塑料托盘尺寸
400mm x 300mm 到 800mm x 600mm
– 加固式铝型材框架/焊接框架和喷塑钣金
– 气缸线性移动轴+载座底座
– 六轴机器人
– 视觉系统通讯接口
– PVC 成品输送带(1500mm*600mm)
– 西门子PLC,15.6 英寸彩色触摸显示屏,集成式电柜
– QC 滑槽/水口滑槽/废品滑槽

– 可扩展并集成注塑产品取出模组
– 可扩展并集成托盘自动堆叠包装模组
– 数据储存和追溯
– DMC激光打码或贴标
– 洁净室等级要求
– 嵌件供料和植入模内注塑


– Size L * W * H: 2.2m * 1.2m * 2m
– Automated cycle:
Depending on the size of the product, about
3-6 seconds / piece without inspection
– Visual inspection about 0.5 – 1 second
– According to quality requirements, multiple
sizes of products can be checked
simultaneously or appearance requirements

Basic equipment:
– Movable main station with LED lighting
– Max. Tray size 400mm x 300mm to 800mm x 600mm
– Painted steel base frame/aluminum frame with
painted facing
– Pneumatic transport axis + carrier base plate
– Robotic
– Camera interface
– Conveyor with PVC belt (1500mm*600mm)
– Siemens PLC, 15.6-inch color touch display,
integrated electric cabinet
– QC Chute / Sprue chute / NG chute

Optionally expandable system technology:
– Expandable and integrated injection product load & unload module
– Expandable and integrated tray automatic stacking & packaging module
– Data storage and traceability
– DMC laser coding or labeling
– Clean room class requirements
– Insert feeding and over molding

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