Automation Assembly Processes

You produce highest quality – we create the automation line for your requirements:
From consulting and design to manufacturing and assembly as well as finally set-up of your individual machine.

We find and realize the optimal solution. So that you can establish low-cost but qualitative high-class assembly processes at your plant. We develop for you all necessary processes in your assembly line.


M.A.i acts for you - in the planning and production of assembly lines, for example:

  • planning and consulting of the complete production technology for their product (production, assembly, integrated processing, robotics, checking, packaging)
  • construction of assembly lines (carrier-circling system, round cycle - assembly machines, linear conveyor, transfer system, interlinked manual workstations ...)
  • individual working places (stand alone, interlinked, one-piece flow ...)
  • process implementation (assembly process, integrated tests, marking, traceability, packaging, ok parts and not ok parts handling)
  • feasibility studies and conception
  • assembly of components and industry products
  • documentations (FMEA, project plan, GMP, CE-conformity, risk analysis ...)


M.A.i acts for you - fully automatically inline assembling with a lot of items:

  • feeding (bulk material, vibration feeder, tape and reel, load carriers, tray stacks and separation systems ...)
  • positioning, conveyance (workholding fixtures, collets, transfer systems, pick and place sytems ...)
  • joining (clipping, bonding, welding with laser, ultrasonic-welding, vibration welding, hot plate welding, heat staking ...)
  • machining (die cutting, milling, separation, cutting ...)
  • assembly (joining, welding, screwing ...)
  • testing (all types of mechanical, electrical and camera tests)
  • marking (printer label, ink jet, pin printer, laser-marking, stamping, DMC-laser, DMC-countercheck ...)
  • control (leak tightness, sensor technology, camera system, pass and high-voltage test, wobble circuit inspection ...)
  • packaging (PE-bag, card boxes or cartons, small carrier boxes, trays ...)


M.A.i assembly solutions assure innovation and custom-fit coordination exactly to your needs.


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