Automation Plastic Processes

Your experts are specialists in injection moulding or extrusion. We have the necessary knowledge in the area of plastic material and its processing as well as the further refinement stages. You benefit from our automation solutions and systems, which are exactly tailored to your special applications.


M.A.i acts for you – robot automation at the injection moulding machine:

  • extraction of plastic parts with 3-axis handling system (single extraction, integrated assembling, controls, depositions, packaging ...)
  • lateral extraction handling (extraction of manufactures parts, insertion of insertion parts ...)
  • 6-axis robot system (extraction, insertion, positioning, assembly, reworking, controls, marking, packaging ...)
  • handling of insert parts inclusive automatic supply (vibration feeder, linear conveyor, flex-feeder, tape and reel ...)
  • extraction/extraction gripper (possibly with centering on the tool)
  • vibration conveyor, separation of parts and feeding of diverse parts
  • integrated process equipment for diverse processes (welding machines, camera system, assembly, cleaning, ionization, control, packaging ...)


M.A.i acts for you – fully automatically inline production with a lot of items:

  • feeding (bulk material, vibration feeder, tape and reel, load carriers, tray stacks and separation systems ...)
  • positioning, conveyance (workholding fixtures, collets, transfer systems, pick and place systems ...)
  • joining (clipping, bonding, welding with laser, ultrasonic-welding, vibration welding, hot plate welding, heat staking ...)
  • machining (die cutting, milling, separation, cutting ...)
  • assembly (joining, welding, screwing ...)
  • marking (printer label, ink jet, pin printer, laser-marking, stamping, DMC-laser, DMC-countercheck ...)
  • control (leak tightness, sensor technology, camera system, pass and high-voltage test, wobble circuit inspection ...)
  • packaging (PE-bag, card boxes or cartons, small carrier boxes, trays ...)


Your individual M.A.i system ensures you the optimal way getting a finished product.

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