We are proud of the result of the survey by „Die Welt“ to Germany's best employers!
In this survey, our M.A.i Gmbh & Co. KG took 3rd place in the entire Kronach area!

We are very pleased about this high degree of awareness and the good image of MAi in the administrative district of Kronach
and the extraordinarily good result also in relation to other Kronach companies, which have been on the market much longer than MAi.

In cooperation with „Die WELT“ the analysis institute ServiceValue GmbH surveys in large regional and national surveys how attractively German companies are rated by the population. "Germany's best employers" presents the results of the studies in rankings.

With the current publication nationwide or supra-regionally active employers in terms of their image. On it are followed by regional measurements for employers from a wide range of industries.

The survey "Germany's Best Employers" thus consists of a large number of surveys, which are conducted one after the other. Companies as employers that are represented throughout Germany and are widely known as employers are evaluated nationwide in terms of their attractiveness (image). Companies that are active at one location and are known primarily in their region are evaluated from within the respective region.

Which method was used

Citizens will, as a first step asked which of all listed companies are known to them as employers or which companies they can assess as employers. The concrete The question is then as follows:

In the following survey we would like to examine the image or the attractiveness of companies as employers. The image describes the mood of the respective company and the Attractiveness is the power of attraction as an employer. Ratings are always individually different and depend on the expectations of the observer. Positive and negative associations as well as perceptions and information of Others can help shape your overall impression. How do you rate for (Company X) the image or attractiveness as an employer?"?“

The opinion of the interviews is then evaluated on the basis of a five-level response scale:

  • "excellent" (1)
  • "very good" (2)
  • "good" (3)
  • "medium" (4)
  • "bad" (5)

For each company/employer, an average value is formed, which is calculated using the Positioning in the ranking is decisive.

Above-average values are awarded to the Award "high employer attractiveness". Again above average better values within this group receive the award "very high employer attractiveness'.

The minimum size of the workforce of a listed company is accordingly with at least n = 100 in the smallest and with at least n = 500 in the largest regions by number of inhabitants.