In special machine construction, the increased use of different motor drives in an interlinked system with many stations,
also a variety of different control systems, drive systems, safety control and proprietary control systems creates a high degree of complexity.

This complexity makes it difficult for the end customers have to make the operation and control of the systems with several different HMI panels.

MAi Functional integration is the answer to reducing complexity:

The new SIMATIC OpenController S7-1515S TF ( Technology + Safety ) includes all five functions in one controller:

logic, motion, safety, gantry robots and HMI.

The globally used programming tool TIAPortal enables the programming of all control and motion tasks on a
uniform interface and consistent database.

The entire plant programming in Step7 and WinCC also alleviates the lack of skilled workers.

All Drive functions can be displayed on a central control panel and make the system much easier to operate.

With new extensive automation systems that you are planning, you have a real advantage in your system operation up to a significant
einfacheren Wartung und einem schnelleren Service.

Contact us at any time. We would be pleased to integrate this technology into one of your new MAi systems on request.