Conversion work completed

- New programming department with modern infrastructure -

It's done. The last work on the new programming department and a new, modern additional Meeting rooms took place at the beginning of April.

After completition, the move to the new premises followed on 12 April. premises. The office equipment and the entire equipment of our Programmers have found a new place. The conversion was done in a office wing next to our production hall, has a capacity of for a total of 30-35 employees in programming and creates space for further growth.

Our employees should feel comfortable, motivated and committed get to work. During the planning phase, a wide range of aspects value. But a good room climate and an optimal lighting concept Measures for the optimisation of room acoustics were also taken into account. The temperature is regulated by an air conditioning system. Through additional windows and the modern roof hatches, natural light is provided by the Daylight into the room. For noise reduction, various Measures taken. The division of jobs and the positioning of the cabinet walls also have a positive effect on Room acoustics off.

With this new building a modern and contemporary room concept was implemented, which creates a friendly atmosphere.

We wish our employees and customers a pleasant working atmosphere in the newly created premises.