Report in the industry magazine: CW Composites World

15.01.2021 - In cooperation with our customer Boge Rubber & Plastics, we at M.A.i developed a
three-stage production process for a lightweight brake pedal. The process is fast, efficient and
produce quality-tested parts at an affordable cost.

Process Flow:

1. feeding organo-sheet endless from the roll with unwinder
2. automatic strip trimming with camera monitoring
3. manufacture organo-sheet compounds with robot and camera control.
4. mechanical bonding of the organo-sheet layers with ultrasound or laser technology.
5. buffering of the organo-sheet compounds
6. targeted, parameterizable heating of organo-sheet layers to forming temperature in MAi furnace technology
7. automatic feeding of the heated organo-sheets into the press technology for forming with robotics.
8. automatic insertion of the organo-sheets into injection molding machine with robotics and back injection of the formed 3D organo-sheets
9. demolding and fully automatic removal of the organo-sheet molded parts (brake pedal) and deposit on buffer system

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Source: BOGE Rubber & Plastics – CW Composites World