During the last two decennia M.A.i has been grown to a well-known company in the automation division. We develop and produce complex automations due to the different requirements of our customers.
The M.A.i plant offers the best preconditions due to on 18,000 m² totally. The developing of our company is described in the chart below.


2016 New M.A.i. Education Center
- employees: 250
- complete our new Office for Department Software development for up to 30 people
- complete our new Education Center (Nov 2016) for currently 25 trainees

Expansion of global service
- employees: 220
- production area: 7,500 m²
- expansion of service department for 10 employees
- expansion of programming department for 30 employees


Foundation of M.A.i China / Enhancement of general management
- employees: 190
- foundation of our daughter company in Ningbo - nearby Shanghai (Production of assembly and automation techniques for the local market in china)
- extension of our general management by Hermann Fischer (Director Sales & Marketing) and Markus Orlowski (Director of Production)
- resigned from the group of shareholders is Jürgen Hoffmann

 MAi China 2

Wir ueber uns


new factory with 30,000 m² premises, 18,000 m² hall area - current production area approx. 6,500 m²
- 170 employees
- set up of very big and extensive automations are possible

 MAi Kronach

movement of the company into our new building (former Valeo Lightening Plant)
- employees: 140
- production area: 6,500 m²
- tripling of production area
- new corporate identity
- inauguration of our new plant in September with 450 guests

Logo MAI klein

MAi Kronach 2


extension of the assembly hall in Küps
- employees: 80
- extension of the production area up to 2,000 m²
- new assembly area with an in-door crane
- start up and acceptance of 5 injection moulding machines at the same time due to investment in new central cooling plant

1999 foundation of M.A.i GmbH & Co. KG
- employees: 20
- on 04 Oct. 1999 CEOs: Jürgen Hoffmann, Rainer Knaak, Arthur Schwab
 Logo Automation und Montagetechnik
1998 foundation of the engineering office Schwab
- movement of the engineering office Schwab (5 employees) into the building of Hoffmann Automation GmbH & Co. KG (Kronach / Neuses)
 Logo Ingenieurbuero Schwab

movement to Kronach/Neuses
- foundation of Hoffmann Automation GmbH in Kronach / Neuses October 1994
- Production area: approx: 300 m²

1991 company Formation
- autumn 1991 foundation of Jürgen Hoffmann Automation Technique by Jürgen Hoffmann
 Logo Hoffmann Automation




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Phone: +49 9261 91000 350
E-mail: service@m-a-i.de


M.A.i GmbH & Co. KG
Hummendorfer Straße 74
96317 Kronach / Neuses

Phone: +49 9261 91000 0
Fax: +49 9261 91000 450
E-mail:  kontakt@m-a-i.de

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